Corporate Responsibility

Youth Support

As a financial institution with corporate social responsibility, MBC pays special attention to promoting education and supporting young people. It is especially important for us to strengthen the young people economically and help them realize their potential. This strategic direction is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals # 4, 5, 8, 9 and 10.

The mismatch between the demanded and supplied skills is one of the main reasons for the high unemployment rate. In this regard, it is necessary to refine the system of job forecasting and career counseling, in which the human resources department of MBC is actively involved, which provides free consultations to young people and social enterprises within the project "Financial Advisor".

It is also necessary to improve the quality of both formal and non-formal and vocational education, which will significantly reduce the imbalance in the labor market. In this regard, MBC constantly has a series of trainings for interns and interested young people. Also, for start-up entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the company’s products.

To better integrate young people into the labor market, it is essential to support them in the stage of transition from education to employment. To this end, we have taken an effective step towards refining internship programs, introducing modern assessment methods and actively cooperating with the UN Global Compact Network and the UN Women. We also support alternative and innovative initiatives for young people - especially vulnerable groups - to create jobs specifically for them.