Corporate Responsibility

Labor Rights

The basis for success of the company is its team of employees, who are guided in their daily activities by internationally recognized corporate governance principles and ethical norms. The personnel management strategy is focused on a highly motivated system and the promotion of healthy competition.

MBC pays special attention to creating and protecting safe working conditions for employees, providing a supportive and encouraging environment for their development.

The company has introduced an online platform "Employee Voice", through which employees, with complete anonymity, can write to the human resources group, top managers, directors about any remarks, dissatisfaction and misconduct. Through the same platform, employees have the opportunity to post new ideas and recommendations. This creates significant motivation for employees to work together to build a more successful company, to create a comfortable and friendly work environment where each of us will be satisfied and happy.

One of the main priorities of MBC is to take care of the development of employees, to promote their potential to the maximum, to identify additional needs for professional development and to create opportunities for career planning. The company supports financially the necessary trainings needed for raising qualification and professional development.