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Financial Education

Financial Education

In terms of financial education, the project "Financial Advisor" is important.

Today, the topic of financial education of the population is very relevant not only in Georgia but all over the world.
Financial institutions offer new and diverse services to their customers on a daily basis, and ordinary people need some knowledge and experience to competently understand the products and services offered, as well as to make independent and best decisions.

Often young people are not able to manage their finances rationally, as a result they are unable to plan their life cycles and financial future. In fact, they have no savings, no financial goals, and live only in the present moment. It should be noted that there are also people affected by various financial fraud schemes.

Today, in our country, a favorable environment is created for doing business, but despite this fact, there are large number of unsuccessful startups, small and medium enterprises, which should represent the cornerstones of the country's development, are failing to develop. There are problems in the village as well - farmers lack entrepreneurial experience and skills to develop their farms. Numerous examples can be given to prove that there is not enough knowledge in the society.

The idea of a "Financial Advisor" came from these circumstances, it aims to share the experience and knowledge of the team with people who need it.