Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

JSC "Micro Business Capital" (MBC) is an organisation operating in accordance with modern, innovative and international standards. It aims to provide customer-tailored and accessible financial services to micro and small businesses and farmers, increase availability of funds and loan products, maintain long-term and transparent relations with customers. JSC Microfinance Organisation - Micro Business Capital (MBC), as a socially responsible financial institution, aims to contribute to the sustainable economic growth of the country. 

MBC believes that corporate social responsibility is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into the business model and reflected in the company bylaws: 

  • Transparency
  • Liability
  • Partnership
  • Ethic corporate management
  • Innovation

The United Nations, as one of the world's leading organisations contributing to the sustainable global economic growth, offers 10 principles under the global agreement and our company, as a party to the agreement, will integrate these principles into our strategy and daily operations. These principles comprise 4 components: human rights, labour rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption activity.  

MBC's corporate social responsibility strategy covers the following areas:

  • Environment
  • Strengthening the role of women
  • Financial literacy
  • Labour rights
  • Support for youth
  • Transparency and business ethics

MBC is a member of UN global agreement initiative, CSR club and UN Women. It implements projects for strengthening of women's economic role.  As part of social responsibility, MBC employees are conducting trainings to encourage economic engagement of vulnerable local communities and IDPs, to improve their skills and capacities. The activity is conducted within the framework of EPIC project "Economic and social participation of vulnerable displaced persons (DP) and local population in the South Caucasus", with support from GIZ. 

MBC has been a member of Pro Bono Network in Georgia since 2018. The company actively uses its professional resources to help various vulnerable groups. MBC employees provide high-quality free professional services to civil organisations and citizens with special needs.

In June 2017, MBC joined the largest international campaign - Smart Campaign - to protect customers in the microfinance sector. 

Smart Campaign is a global platform bringing together more than 4,700  microfinance organisations, associations, investors and donors worldwide towards a common goal. The principal goal of the year 2008 campaign is to render valuable and reasonable financial services to customers as the main driving force of the industry. Thanks to adherence to Smart Campaign principles, Micro Business Capital will become a model of valuable and reasonable financial adviser for responsible lending.

Customers of Micro Business Capital (MBC) are always kept fully informed about the terms and conditions of contracts/agreements. Employees' attitude to customers is based on the highest standards of professional ethics and moral values described in relevant documents.

The company is committed to providing and maintaining safe working conditions, creating a favourable environment for the professional development of its employees.